BMS Design

At SYSCOM Building Management we understand that the design of a Building Management System and its operating Strategy are an integral part of the design development phase and requires innovative and cost-effective solutions.

The most specialised area for any controls company is the engineering of its bespoke control software - and this is precisely where Syscom surpasses the competition. Using "in-house" expertise, Syscom produces controls software of the highest quality.

SYSCOM design, engineer, produce software and graphics, which are innovative and specific for each project.

Syscom have a wealth of experience writing bespoke controls software for building control and systems integration. Whether it is "free form" coding (American Auto-Matrix) or logic block programming (Trend, ALC), Syscom can make even the toughest specifications work. After all, the Building Management System is only as good as the control software that is running the building.

This can combine different proprietary equipment using different operating protocols into one encompassing package. This package can include the design and manufacture of Control Panels and the Electrical Installation of the total system.

Probably the most important part of your building management system, in the way of day to day monitoring and reporting, is your graphical supervisor - a suite of software that acts as an interface to your plants control and monitoring. This bespoke top-end software gives you, the user, access to the functionality of the building management system as a whole - plant performance monitoring via graphic pages, scheduling, alarm handling, data collection and trend logging, all combine to form your Supervisor.

Communication Standards for Building Solutions

Syscom offer expertise in providing building solutions, based on openly available products and industry standards protocols such as BACnet, EIB/KNX, LONMARK and Modbus together with interfacing standards such as OPC (OLE for Process Control) to allow exchange of information between different manufactures devices, systems and programs in an agreed way.

IT & Web Technology

Syscom also offer IT and Web-Technology expertise, promoting both the IT world and the convergence with Building Management systems onto common communication infrastructures such as LAN / WAN (Wide Area Networks)., allowing data to be exchanged with the customer’s business processes.

Syscom promotes Web technologies bringing additional benefits such as Operators wanting to operate the building at any time from anywhere or Energy Monitoring and Reporting.

We believe that Common interfaces, Openly Available Systems, Open System standards, Web Technology and Advanced integration are prerequisites for success of integrated buildings today and in the future.